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HNP Canada 2019-2020

Jessica Song

Founder and National Founder

Jessica Song, a sophomore at University Hill Secondary, is thrilled to serve as National Director for Human Nature Projects Canada. She has grown up in Surrey surrounded by forests and parks, and has since then developed a passion towards helping the environment. Jessica is a very active member of the community, and enjoys creating opportunities for youth to make a meaningful impact and bring about change in the world. In her free time, Jessica enjoys swimming, playing flute, and exploring the city with her camera. Jessica looks forward to an amazing experience with HNP!


Stuti Sharma

Director of Communications

Stuti Sharma is a grade 11 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary where she partakes in many activities such as robotics, rugby, debate, and being a student leader. She has held the title for National Science Fair Winner, Provincial Debate Champion and is scheduled to give her very own Ted Talk at Tedx Semiahmoo. Her goal with the Human Nature Project is to raise awareness and make sustainability and climate action accessible.


Ella Shi

Director of Finance

A sophomore hailing from University Hill Secondary, Ella is exuberant to be serving as the Finance Director of HNP Canada. With the members’ passions and projects, she believes that we can heal some of the harm we have inflicted on nature. Besides the environmental engagement, Ella likes investing her time organizing community events for youth, advocating for mental well-being, planning while accounting for school activities and exploring the world of art or commerce. Ella is grateful to be a part of such an outstanding team and looks forward to making the visions come to life together.


Sandra Varier

Chief Journalist and Editor

Sandra, a grade 9 currently studying at Sullivan Heights Secondary is beyond excited to be part of Human Nature Projects Canada's executive team. She has grown up in different parts of the lower mainland of B.C. and has enjoyed the outdoors and the wonders of nature and animals. In Sandra's free time she likes to sing and play her ukulele. Sandra is looking forward to a great future for Human Nature Projects.


Meagan Liu

Director of Media and IT

Meagan Liu is a grade 11 student in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Richmond Secondary School who is delighted to serve as the Social Media Director at HNP Canada. She is passionate about our environment and hopes to make a change to improve the health of the planet. She is excited to promote various upcoming activities and make her own contributions to improving the environment.

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Esther Zhang

Regional Director of Surrey

Esther Zhang is a Grade 11 student at Semiahmoo Secondary currently attending the IB program. Her interests include writing, swimming, and advocating for the student body. She is currently tutoring students who hope to achieve excellence in their provincial literacy assessments. She is also the founder of Learning Bridge where she accommodates resources and creates a safe space for learners who strive to achieve greatness in their educational environments. Her goal in the Human Nature Projects is to fight and provide a refined earth for future generations as the Surrey Regional Director.


Susie He

Regional Director of Vancouver

Susie He is an international student studying at University Hill Secondary school. Recognizing that the astounding forest and wildlife are an essential part of our planet, she is determined to take part in developing ecological sustainability across the globe. As the regional director of Vancouver, she also recognized the responsibility to preserve and improve the environment and culture around us. She is thrilled to contribute a share to the Human Nature Projects team!

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