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Future Projects

We have big things planned! Come take a look.

Where We're Headed: About Us

School Workshops

Teaching the importance of sustainability

Learning starts from a very early age, so does education about our planet. This is why the team of HNP Canada wants to bring to young, elementary-aged children workshops and lessons on how they can play their part to better their communities and keep Earth healthy.

These workshops will include interactive activities teaching the students about the prevalence of sustainability and the importance of their individual actions. The students will bring home with them a sustainable product, such as a DIY toothpaste, soap, or tote that they themselves create with the guidance by our team.

Growing Plants
Community Garden

Community Gala

Connecting our Community

Whenever the problem is as big and daunting as saving the Earth, we need all hands on deck! This includes everyone in the community from little children to our seniors, all of whom bring with them incredibly valuable insight and experience.

Currently on hold due to COVID-19, HNP Canada team will be organizing a community gala that invites all in our local communities to join us for a day filled with awareness, activities, and inspiration from notable speakers. Our hope is for the attendees to leave motivated and aware of how they can make an impact. We want to bring to spotlight the importance of change, despite how small it may seem. Because as long as we are in this together, there is no challenge that cannot be undertaken.

COVID-19 Connectedness

Staying United, Even Apart

In light of the recent, unprecedented events, our team will be moving our workshops from in-person to online! This will be a zoom workshop that unites the community through their screens. Not only will we be sharing statistics and information about climate change and sustainability, we will be using this as a platform to collaborate with everyone around us to share their insight and teach us the lessons they have learned along the way. Collaboration is key. We want to open up a space to allow everyone to stay connected and encourage sustainable actions even during quarantine. Stay tuned for more updates!

Working at Home
Where We're Headed: What We Do
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