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We'd Love to Have You on the Team!

Volunteer to make a difference.

Volunteer With Us: Welcome

What Are My Responsibilities?

Find out below!

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so we stay clear and united.

We work with online social media platforms that you will be expected to check on a daily basis. You will also be expected to attend bi weekly meetings where we talk about future plans and initiatives.


so we can make a difference.

Attendance and focus towards the team and future projects is mandatory as we want all our volunteers on the same page. This also means coming forth with new ideas that you have in mind as well as helping the rest of the team reach the goals we have already set out.

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so our team remains driven and passionate.

We expect volunteers to have a minimum of a 5 month commitment period. You will also be putting in around 2-3 hours of work every week to HNP related events (project planning, meetings, etc).


because we're a team, and family.

We absolutely don’t want volunteering to feel exhausting, stressful, or just unpleasant in general. That is why we strive to maintain a safe, understanding environment of mutual care and support. We ask that you stay open-minded, accepting, and kind!

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Volunteer With Us: What We Do

Ready to Join?

Can't wait to have you on the team!

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